ISIC's Service and Industry Oriented Architectures offer accessible streamline business processes and help businesses achieve greater flexibility. It's about creating an innovation-ready environment through an infrastructure that is at a global access level.

Ultimately it is your people, not ours, who will make your business successful. Our contribution to your success is to provide your team with improved tools and the necessary technical support to achieve your objectives. By implementing a centralised global IT infrastructure, coupled with multiple backup centres, your company will gain a competitive advantage in a fast growing, highly complex environment.

ISIC has designed a solution for the assessment of your business's Infrastructure Architecture Model ("I-AM"). The assessment highlights the efficiency of your current infrastructure, and shows you how and where you can make improvements. Its aim is to help you be proactive about staying in control.
Our I-AM assessment will evaluate your company's...

* Core Infrastructure (Foundation)
* IT vs. Business Productivity (Connectivity)
* Application Platforms (Tools)
* User interaction efficiency (Process)
* Internal vs. External communication line efficiency (Information)

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