Our Services

The founders of ISIC thrive on team spirit and as such our innovative approach is to have a network of experienced IT companies, whose range of services spans in all areas of information technology under a new umbrella called ISIC. This approach has given us the flexibility to remain expansive by assembling only the necessary resources needed to group ourselves with you in meeting your corporate demands.

With our team of experts covering from consultants to designers, engineers, developers, support staff and trainers continuously monitoring and developing technological advances, ISIC remains visionary, always looking to the future and pushing the limits and boundaries to provide you with the best and most suitable IT architecture and bespoke products at the most cost effective prices.

Our guarantee is to offer the highest product quality, efficient research and analysis, latest security architecture and  turnkey system reliability, teamed with the development and release of innovative applications and advanced network platforms, which together combine to give a powerful strength to your corporate presence.